Troubleshooting Heat Pumps - Is There Something a Homeowner Can Do? 

Heat pumps are very high-priced, high-tech pieces of gear -- and for that explanation it is actually not advisable for homeowners to try and carry out maintenance or do troubleshooting on their unit; generally they'll not have the coaching or specialized equipment to complete this.

However it is doable for home owners to keep an eye out for potential problems, and there are some easy tasks which you can carry out by yourself:

A single excellent point it is possible to do is to try and maintain any and all air filters in your heat pump clean. If they are of the disposable type, it is possible to attempt to order a couple of extras to keep on hand -- then replace them when required.

In case your air filter may be the washable kind, then you can simply rinse under the water faucet to clean. Throughout the heating and cooling season your air filters must be cleaned/replaced at the very least each and every other month -- more typically if you reside inside a very dirty environment!

Should you can get easy access to the fan blades, it could be helpful if you could gently clean them now then. If you get rid of any accumulations of dust and dirt from the blades of your fan, that could help your heat pump unit operate additional effectively.

When you do not choose to go poking about inside your heat pump, you must sometimes appear them more than -- and in the event you notice any loose wiring, or mounting screws that seem to become working loose, or any cracked or broken circuit boards, it is best to make a note of this and get in touch with your repair service right away.

Even though it is actually regular for heat pump units to practical experience a certain amount of ice buildup, for those who see that your heat pump is constructing up ice and it's not melted away, but stays on the gear all of the time, this could indicate an issue, so you need to once again make contact with your repair service.

Likewise, when you notice severe or comprehensive rusting on the outdoors cabinetry of the unit, you ought to make contact with your dealer. In some situations you might have the ability to treat this rust or corrosion your self -- but you ought to contact them anyway to create confident that this really is not indicative of a bigger challenge.

A different issue you ought to be around the lookout for is in case your heat pump regularly trips your circuit breaker box or blows household electrical circuit fuses. When you do not have the ability and equipment to troubleshoot this dilemma, your installer can come out at once and do an evaluation to produce positive that any troubles are taken care of.

Lastly, you should be around the lookout for any decline inside the overall operational efficiency of your heat pump.

In case your heating/cooling fees appear to become climbing, or you are not as comfy inside your residence as you have been previously, it may be resulting from a establishing problem together with your heat pump -- but after once again, only a certified repair technician can establish the exact nature of any troubles.

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